Turbos Outlet

TurbosOutlet is your turbo and parts shop, built specially for you to find those rare and out-of-stock parts for your old engines. All items offered in this website are antique, obsolete or come from new turbocharger unassemblings.

  • The boxes or inner packaging may not be in perfect conditions or may be missing completely.
  • The parts may contain some marks from being assembled previously.
  • Some turbine housings may show some rust traces.

Nontheless all parts on sale on turbosoutlet.com are in perfect shape to be installed.

The TurbosOutlet brand, created by TurboMaster, sells new turbos and their parts since 1980 from the following brands: Garrett (Honeywell), Holset (Cummins), Hitachi, Mitsubishi (MHI), Komatsu, Toyota, IHI, 3K (Borg-Warner), Schwitzer (Borg-Warner) and Cz.


TurboMaster was born in 1980, therefore it is a young but fully established company in the market. Proof of this is that in 3 and a half decades we have emerged as a leading company that has earned the trust of prestigious brands such as Garrett, Holset, Hitachi, BorgWarner and Tial, all leading in their sector, and we have become their official distributor in Spain.

These great brands are just one example of what TurboMaster can offer our customers: The range of products and services we offer is unlimited. We sell both complete turbos and parts. We repair and recondition all brands following the strictest quality and environmental standards.

Official Distributor

“If I need any part, I know I can always count on TurboMaster to get it for me. The service is excellent.” Marco Fonini

As a complementary service, we offer you all the necessary range of gaskets and related parts for the installation of turbochargers. We have a very large stock and we are committed to our customers to get their shipments anywhere in the world, wherever they are, in a short period of time, in addition to providing all the technical assistance they need.

All our products are based on the highest technology and have been subjected to the most rigorous quality controls. These and many more reasons exist for you to place your trust in us, as countless customers have already done. This is our commitment:

  • Largest stock
  • The best service
  • A highly competitive price
  • Attended by the best professionals

These points have made TurboMaster a benchmark brand.


Our team

We are committed to fully satisfying the needs of all customers because we have the best possible team. At TurboMaster we know that it would be of little use to have the best material if there were no people behind it.

We take care of our staff because caring for our workers is caring for our clients. We can proudly say that we are endowed with a highly qualified staff in continuous training and highly motivated as well as identified with the objectives of our company. If this were not the case, we would not be able to take charge of the wide range of markets we target: trucks, buses, industrial machinery, excavators, harvesters, generators and marine engines. In each one of these markets we turn with the same eagerness so that the satisfaction of the client is full.

Our values

  1. Honesty and ethics in our business
  2. Give our maximum effort in helping the customer
  3. Implement the best working habits
  4. Eagerness to constantly improve the quality and service given
  5. Enjoy working together daily
  6. Passion for automotive technologies

Our story